Chu Yeuan Industrial Co., Ltd established its Tooling Department and Plastic Injection Department in 1997.
Today, the company has evolved into a leading custom injection molding and contract-manufacturing provider.

For past years, Chu Yeuan has provided timely and professional solutions to meet many of our clients in different filed.
Such as Sports Machine, 3C Products, MP3, Stationary, Cosmetics and P&G OEM.

In the year 1998, Chu Yeuan successfully extended Dual-colors Injection Technology to consumer goods, especially in color cosmetics containers.
We look forward to leading this technology in every target market in the near future.
We will provide your projects with highest level of support based on a strong development team.

For the future, we will continue our philosophy of dedication, innovation, professionalism and 4G’s (Great Technology, Great Quality, Great Service & Great Price) in order to maintain our goal of continued long-term business partnerships for our customers.

● Extended Dual-Colors Injection Technology

● In-house Design and mold making

● Upscale Cosmetics Containers

● Lip gloss

● Lip stick

● Mascara

● Eye shadow

● Nail polish

● Make-up kit

● Foundation

● Special: Private-mould Products

● Smart: Dual-colors injection Technology

● Superior: Leading the Fashion




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